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I am so pleased and excited to present Issue 23 to you. This issue presents all readers with a nice blend of poetry and prose, some interesting photos, an excerpt from Maxine Fischer’s just released (Trajectory Press) Henry Thoreau’s Guide to Good Writing, even an essay on Henry James by the eminent Professor Howard Wolf.  

Issue 23 features several new writers, including Damian Beach, Vicki Easterly, Bill Carman, and Emily Perkins. Plus, the entire Trajectory team is delighted to welcome back some reader favorites including Lynn Elwell, Alan Catlin, Blair Ewing, Ben Terry, and Paula Yup.   

As a special “treat,” well, that’s your call, I’ve included an excerpt from my brand-newnovel, Last Train to Miami, recently released by Wings. This novel took an interesting path to completion. I started it over a decade ago and wrote 30,000 words or so, only to discover that I didn’t like where it was going (too commercial). So I tossed that draft, waited a few months, then tried again. However, once more, after another roughly 30,000 words, I found my reader-self disenchanted with the writing. This time the secondary characters weren’t working for me. After two strikes, I moved on to other novels and didn’t return to Last Train until Covid reared its ugly head. As the old saying goes, the third time proved the charm: the storyline came together; I found time to write; and the storyline flowed like a mountain stream. Hope you enjoy Chapter 1.

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