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  • Read Like An American

    Read Like An American

    Read like an American – remembering your grandparents’ living rooms wherever those were, rooms where you were not in charge, where cooking smells captured you […]

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  • Cancer


    Here’s where the cancer will recur […]

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  • 38 Cents

    38 Cents

    in between dances / she looks for her last chance […]

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  • Spell


    Exhaling, Shadow sat down on the inbound 1. She swallowed two pills without water – her head fell forward and jerked back up again in the space of a second.

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  • Crisis On Our Southern Border

    Crisis On Our Southern Border

    Note from Editor: While this is a personal photo essay and solely reflects the views of the author, Trajectory staff fully support the humane treatment of all migrants and all American citizens. We also fully support the good works Morgan Smith is doing along our southern border. Morgan’s photos and commentary are below. As always,……

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  • No Good Decisions

    No Good Decisions

    A quarter of six, weather dimming […]

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  • Living Alone with a One-Eyed Cat

    Living Alone with a One-Eyed Cat

    Mornings I hear the / whoosh of cars trucks & buses on […]

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  • Lame


    I met Brian when Quaaludes […]

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  • Mirages


    Highway 11 was deserted.

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  • Maturity


    We headed across town, a trip the kids knew not to complain about, not because they would get in trouble, but because they knew how easily tears can cover their father’s face on the way to the cemetery.

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  • Love in the American Songbook

    Love in the American Songbook

    Modern “cabaret” has its origins in the restaurants of 16th century France – Paris, of course – where customers were allowed to sing if they had drunk enough wine.

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  • Blue Horses

    Blue Horses

    White pill for pain

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