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TJ Issue 24 Spring 2023

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Welcome to Spring 2023 and Issue 24 of Trajectory. Twenty-four issues—Wow!! Never dreamed when we launched well over a decade ago that we would publish twenty-four issues. Friends, you know, that’s not a bad run for a small indie literary journal/review. And, dig this, Issue 25 is already fully booked. plus Issue 26 (think Spring 2024!!) is starting to fill up. Thanks to each and everyone who has helped make this amazing literary journey possible. 

This issue strikes me as a very fine one, indeed, full of both fresh (John David Morgan, James Miller Robinson, Leo Cardez, Caryn Coyle…) and familiar (Dana Stamps II, Eric Greinke, Gene McCormick, R.T. Castleberry, Marjorie Power…) voices. In addition, we’ve got a wonderful photo from the multi-talented Paul Stansbury and a scholarly book review from the imminent Professor Howard Wolf, who, by the way, is also a fine writer.

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