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My apologies for the all-caps, but it is truly wonderful to be back reading your work and working with the Trajectory team to craft this issue for you. I think it is one you will especially enjoy, so many powerful, inspiring poems and thoughtful, thought-provoking stories. Plus, we feature another of Morgan Smith’s deeply moving photo-essays, “Border Life.” By the way, in addition to his valuable personal efforts to better the Mexican border situation, Morgan is a fine short story writer—he is the 2021 Grand Prize Winner of the Tulip Tree Review short-story contest. Morgan also provided the cover photo for the Fall/Winter 2021 issue that contains thirteen short stories, including Morgan’s “Four Pigs in the Desert.”  

Before moving on, I want to take a moment to let you know that we recently lost a true gentleman, a man who was, in my point-of-view, one of this country’s finest poets: Brian C. Felder. A consummate professional, Brian enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a poet, having a least one poem published each year for fifty years. One of this country’s most published poets, Brian had over four hundred poems published by some one hundred and forty unique publications during his lifetime.  We have been delighted to publish him a number of times in Trajectory and I was honored to blurb his collection Plain Big Words, which was released in September 2021 by Wild Shore Press shortly before his death. Three more of Brian’s poems can be found in this issue. Although I was never fortunate to meet Brian in person, we became good friends, and I miss him deeply.  

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