Picking Blackberries

Picking Blackberries
Picking Blackberries

If we are lucky,

facts of life

will force us

to accept the reality

of our desires

our fears

and unleash

our innate need

to express ourselves,

to achieve self-literacy

through self-expression,

though I live in

a world of

painful existential

questions and threats

I do believe

in the world,

I want to live

in this world

I want more

opportunities to

pick blackberries.



Rod Farmer’s first collection of poetry published in book form was Universal Essence (1986). He has two chapbooks available from Finishing Line Press: Red Ships and Fingers Pointing at the Moon. Also, he has had over 90 articles, essays, and book reviews published in such journals as The Humanist, Mind Matters Review, Poet and Art Times. He has been a farm laborer, dump truck driver, grocery store clerk, soldier (14 months in Vietnam via the draft, 1969-70), a high school history and social science teacher, and a college professor of both education and history. He is professor emeritus at the University of Maine at Farmington. He has received three Fulbright-Hays Fellowships to study in India, Israel and Pakistan and two grants to study in Japan. Rod is an independent poet (i.e. he doesn’t belong to cliquish literary circles—-he finds more room outside than inside of any social circles).