Issue 20

Issue 20
Issue 20

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Happy Birthday, Trajectory!!

I know it’s hard to believe, but with this issue (Issue 20) Trajectory will be 10 years old (two issues per year—you do the math…). When I launched Trajectory all those many years ago I never dreamed we would print twenty issues. And I mean we. For without your wonderful stories, poems, photos, memoirs, etc., your financial support (my special thanks to all who have subscribed, who bought an extra copy [or two, or three, or…], or who simply sent me a few dollars), and, especially your encouraging emails, letters, and phone calls, and your friendship this special journal of our never would have survived.

Now, on to Issue 20!!

What a great lineup we have for you—lots of those writers and poets whose work you’ve enjoyed over the years (folks like J.S. Kierland, Brian James Lewis, Cathy Porter, Ted Jonathan, and Vincent Tomeo to name a few), plus some exciting new talents whose work I really believe you’ll enjoy reading (like Marion Byers, Tamara Wilson, Steve Flairty, and Blair Ewing. Plus we got another thought provoking photo essay from Morgan Smith, brand new flash fiction from Anthony Herles (who I think writes flash fiction as well as anybody), and even the first chapter of my latest novel, Yard Man. Please enjoy!

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