the crisp blue December sky gleams above


the twin pine trees stand

before us

alive, robust:

nature’s heresy unfolds to me

weak early winter sun

with its false warmth blesses

my shivering body

as I behold

the funeral rite

bluejays bawl

the dirge inside my skull

as the minister

glorifies your passing from

this world

do they not see

you become the earth?

with the evergreen breeze

gently whispering your name

calling you back

taking, always taking

do they not see

wishing does not work?

in losing we cannot win

you are

in that cold, cold ground

for eternity

and still, the crisp blue December sky

garishly mocks from above


the twin pine trees


alive, robust:





Katherine Caswell is a creative writing teacher in Louisville, KY. Her poetry and narrative writing have appeared in Kentucky Monthly’s Penned Literary Edition, the anthology Calliope, and the Louisville Eccentric Observer’s Literary LEO as well as an upcoming edition of Pegasus.